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Ege Teta Elektronik
  • Ege Teta Elektronik   Automatic Sliding Door  
      Automatic Sliding Door  

  • Ege Teta Elektronik   Automation for Sliding Gates  
      Automation for Sliding Gates  

  • Ege Teta Elektronik FAAC Automations for Swing Gates
    FAAC Automations for Swing Gates

  • Ege Teta Elektronik   Automatic Barriers  
      Automatic Barriers  

  • Ege Teta Elektronik   Parking Automation  
      Parking Automation  

  • Ege Teta Elektronik   FAAC Bollard Barriers  
      FAAC Bollard Barriers  

Our company, which has been developing since adopting the principle of honesty since its foundation, has achieved this today's honor thanks to the close interest and trust of its customers. The number of systems we have established and still provide after sales service and support is over 30.000 Click for details...

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